Case Studies

Case Studies

Discover our case studies and listen to stakeholders' and customers' voices about Hitachi products, services and solutions.

Air Conditioning at Waterford Crystal Showroom (Ireland)

House of Waterford Crystal's new showroom displays the world's largest collection of Waterford Crystal pieces. Hitachi Air Conditioning – with its low noise, efficient and innovative solutions – enabled the showroom to be completed in a short time scale, providing a calm and comfortable environment for both staff and visitors.

Finger Vein Technology for Bank BPH (Poland)

Bank BPH is part of GE Capital Group, one of the largest corporations in the world. Since January 2013 all Bank BPH branch offices in Poland have been using Finger Vein biometrics as a main method of authentication.

Hitachi Data Storage Solution for German Space Operations Center (Germany)

The Columbus Module, part of the International Space Station, is monitored by the German Space Operations Center. Hitachi Data Systems GmbH provided a robust and stable data storage solution which is vital for storing and retrieving data and supplying a failsafe operation of the Columbus Module 24/7.

Hitachi Finger Vein Technology (Poland)

BPS Bank and Podkarpacki Bank Spoldzielczy, which belongs to the BPS Group, are the first in Poland and furthermore Europe to implement a biometric ATM network using Finger Vein technology.

Hitachi Smart Cities Energy Group & Western Power Distribution (UK)

Hitachi have installed Europe's first D-Statcom device for Western Power Distribution, the UK's largest electricity distribution operator. The device has been developed to help minimize the fluctuations of voltage caused by the increasing numbers of renewable power generation resources being linked to the network.

Short throw LCD projectors at Sant Boi museum (Spain)

Using Hitachi's short throw projectors to create an immersive experience of history and culture at the Sant Boi museum near Barcelona (Spain).

Class 395 high-speed train (UK)

Class 395 is Hitachi's first rolling stock in regular service in Europe. These Hitachi trains provide the fastest domestic rail service in Britain, and are capable of operating at a maximum speed of 140mph. This case study showcases several key aspects of the Class 395 project and demonstrates some of the key reasons for its success.